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Web Yid

Free Monitoring Software (for Windows 7 / 8 / 10)

Click here to download Minitor.
Extract ALL files, then click on "Install Minitor".

Minitor will take a snapshot of your screen once every minute.

To view the taken screenshots:

  1. Go to C:\System (or whichever directory you chose during installation)
  2. Open the first screenshot image.
  3. You can then use the "Right-Arrow" key to scroll through the snapshots.
  4. When you're done reviewing, you should delete the taken snapshots. This can easily be done by running the "Clear Screenshots" file.

It is recommended that you review the snapshots at least once a week.


In many cases, the proper way to prevent misuse of the internet (besides the obvious step of not providing unfiltered internet to begin with) is to talk to the child about it, raising awareness and strength in this matter. Telling the child that you have monitoring software installed may raise the level of Moira Bosor Vodom, but also may backfire if the boy takes it in a wrong way.